Sunday, February 20, 2022

Back to Skool

I'm in skool again at de doggie-food-and-toy store.  Dis class called Brain Games.  I hab two classmates.  Koda is a border collie.  He furry quiet and relaxed.  Sherry is a Golden Retriever.  She only pays attenshun to her pawrents.  I de class clown. 

We dere to learn to read, and to learn de names ob our toys, and to learn colors and how to spin and a lot ob other stuff.  Dis me and daddy doing homewerk:

I hab to Sit and daddy has to not tell me.  It lotsa fun!  And I get lotsa treats, sumtimes just fur looking at sumfing mommy or daddy holds in front ob my face.  Dat my kind of skool! 

Only fing is, on skool nights I don't get my whole din-din.  Mommy says all de treats I earn make up de diffurence.  Anyfur know if dat in de rule book? 


Sunday, January 23, 2022

Furst Gotcha Day

 Dis my Gotcha Day!!  I been in my furevfur home one whole year or century or somefing!  I'm not sure what dat means.  I don't evfur remember being any other place.  But mommy and daddy are making a big fuss, and I got a new toy!

He was on my grooming table, but I got him down!



Den I try to kill him!  But I acfurrily lub him!

I also got a baby carrot to eat.  Dat's somefing Angels Hershey and Winkie got evfurry day, and now maybe I'm big enuff to get dem, too!  Mommy and daddy say dey got to watch my tummy, dough, because lotsa fings won't stay in dere.  

Oh I almost furgot!  I also got dis new harness, wif my name on it! 

So now I've had a Barkday and a Christmas and a Gotcha Day.  What comes next?  🥳

Sunday, November 28, 2021

Furst Barkday!

 It's my Barkday!!!  🎂🥳🎉

I'm not a puppy anymore, daddy says.  I'm One, and dat makes me a Dog!!  I got pressies!

Dis me wif daddy

Dis my Barkday cookie!

Dis my Barkday hat!

I got a new ball and a new squeaky-tossy toy!  I bin playin' and playin', and now me nappin'!


Mommy wanted to show you how big I gotted! 

I guess I'm bigger, but look how Humpy has shrunk!!   

Dat furst piccie was from my Gotcha Day.  I was already two monfs old den.  I dint know much.  Now I know lots!  I know Sit and Wait and Down and Off and Walk and Heal, and I know some of my toys by name and can go get dem when mommy and daddy say.  I can catch a ball or a stuffie in mid-air and I'm learning how to catch a frisbee.  Dose are harder, dey fly funny!

I'm a Big Boy now!!

Tuesday, November 9, 2021

Fall Fun Times!

 I just spent five sleeps at Pet Camp, while mommy and daddy went somewhere dey called DeeCee.  I lub Pet Camp!  I hab a furiend dere, looky--

I call him Doodle!

We play hard!!

Daddy was in DeeCee fur bizness, but mommy went along to see fings.  She neber been befure.

She saw dis...

And dis...
And when she went here,

...she made a new furiend!!
Dat's her leggie!  He must have thought she had treats, but she dint!

Now we all back home.  Mommy's catching up on laundry and daddy's catching up on werk  and I'm catching up on naps!  

Thursday, October 21, 2021

Fall Fursts

Mommy says dis de monf when we do Howloween.  I don't know whut dat means, but it has to do wif dressing funny and eating punkin stuff even if your tummy isn't upset.   Four or five sleeps ago we went up to where de wine doggies lib.  Dis a picfur of me wif punkin:

I dint meet any other doggies, but I ate a lot ob grass! 

Now dere is somefing furry wrong at our house!  Starting last night, and den again dis morning, when I go outside dere is water all ovfur.  I don't just mean on de grass.  Sometimes our grass is wet because of what mommy calls sprinklers.  But dis water wasn't just under me feets.  It was on top ob me, too!  Getted in me face!  And de longer I was out, de more water got on me!  And daddy kept saying "Go potty! Go potty!" when he usually lets me take me time.  So ob course I couldn't go.  And I dint like it AT ALL.  Den dis morning when mommy took me out it was de same fing.  (She let me pee, at least.)  So I come in all ear-drippy and leg-soaky and mommy and daddy tear into me wif towels and rub and rub.  Well, okay, I kind ob like dat.  But, whut be de heck??!!  ;-|

Mommy say'd, "That's called 'rain.'"  I nevfur saw anyfing like dat in me WHOLE LIFE!!

Sunday, October 3, 2021

Big Week!

 Dis was a big week fur me and my fambly!  Furst, my daddy had a birfday.  He dint go to werk.  Instead, we all went on an adventure!  We took a ferry--dat's a kind of car dat goes on water--out across de Bay.  Dis me waiting to get on it--

 And dis me sailing!  I started out under de bench where mommy and daddy were sitting, but den I got braver.

We got off at a town where mommy and daddy had deir din-din, an den we sailed home.

Den a few sleeps later, yesfurday, we went back to de doggy playground wif my Frisbee.  But dere was somefing even more fun to do!  

                            Her name Moana, and she a Corgi, and she liked to play!!

Whut Frisbee?  BOL!!

Back to Skool

I'm in skool again at de doggie-food-and-toy store.  Dis class called Brain Games.  I hab two classmates.  Koda is a border collie.  He ...