Sunday, February 21, 2021

12 Weeks

 I'm 12 weeks old yesfurday.  I don't know if dat makes me a Big Boy, but my toys are smaller. 





 Dis me wif my tuggie.  It used to be longer dan me!



I have learned a few things.  I can run up and down the stairs!


 And dis me sitting on top of de Black Robo Monster.  It evil.  It gets loose and chases me and mommy around de house!

I bin fur rides in da car, but I'm still not allowed to go fur walkies outside.  But I have fun inside wif de pawrents!  I'm good about Go Potty on de pad, and I know Come Toffee and if dey frow somefing I will bring it back.  Why dey keep frowing my stuffies and balls I don't know.  But I bring back.  I'm a Good Boy!

Frisbee Day

 Dis an espearmint.  Mommy took dese movies ob me.  Can you see dem?:                                   Dis one is me taking a roll in de gr...