Saturday, July 3, 2021

Oh, de Dogmanity!!

 My pawrents played a trick on me three sleeps ago.  Furst, daddy furgot to feed me my brekkie.  Den we went out when it was still morning and climbed in de car.  I was excited!  Were we going to de beach?  To visit de wine doggies? 

But no, we only went as fur as de vet, and den we stopped.  I had to go in all by mywoof, and den dey stuck me here and dere, and den evfurryfing went black.  And den I woke up and my tail-end hurted!  OWWWIE!!

Finally after hours or years or somefing, mommy and daddy came to take me home.  And den fings got worse.  I had to lick my boo-boo, you know.  But would dey let me?  Oh no, dey slapped a donut around my neck! 

What be de heck??!

But it turned out okay, I figured out how to get around it and lick what needed licking.  

So den...  

Mommy put me in dis shirt dat goes all de way ovfur my bum.

                                                      DAT'S NOT FAIR!!!

I habn't been feeling well at all.  I can't get comfy, and I don't want my toys, not even my treat ball.  I couldn't even sleep fur the furst two months or centuries or something.  But now I do.  A lot.  And den I eat.  A lot.  And den I sleep some more.  Dis be my new life.


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