Sunday, October 3, 2021

Big Week!

 Dis was a big week fur me and my fambly!  Furst, my daddy had a birfday.  He dint go to werk.  Instead, we all went on an adventure!  We took a ferry--dat's a kind of car dat goes on water--out across de Bay.  Dis me waiting to get on it--

 And dis me sailing!  I started out under de bench where mommy and daddy were sitting, but den I got braver.

We got off at a town where mommy and daddy had deir din-din, an den we sailed home.

Den a few sleeps later, yesfurday, we went back to de doggy playground wif my Frisbee.  But dere was somefing even more fun to do!  

                            Her name Moana, and she a Corgi, and she liked to play!!

Whut Frisbee?  BOL!!


  1. What fun times you've been having, Toffee. Happy Birthday to your dad, too.

  2. So much awesome excitement. I bet you will sleep for a month.

  3. Now you're a "traveler" and a "water dog" both! Your world is growing every day, just like you! (and Happy Barkday to your Dad!)

  4. Happy birthday to your dad! Glad to see you're having some good times!

  5. Happy Belated Birthday to your Dad, Toffee!

    What fun times you had this past week! Paying with another pup is always fun, at least we think so:)


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