Tuesday, November 9, 2021

Fall Fun Times!

 I just spent five sleeps at Pet Camp, while mommy and daddy went somewhere dey called DeeCee.  I lub Pet Camp!  I hab a furiend dere, looky--

I call him Doodle!

We play hard!!

Daddy was in DeeCee fur bizness, but mommy went along to see fings.  She neber been befure.

She saw dis...

And dis...
And when she went here,

...she made a new furiend!!
Dat's her leggie!  He must have thought she had treats, but she dint!

Now we all back home.  Mommy's catching up on laundry and daddy's catching up on werk  and I'm catching up on naps!  


  1. Miss June (and humom, Ann) ... tho camp was quite fun (cute photos) we wish you would have come to DeeCee with your pawrents ... we would have come over to meet you since we lives next door ... glad your Mama got to see our pretty city!

  2. It looks like you had lots of fun at camp, Toffee. Your mom saw lots of cool things in D.C., too.

  3. Wow! Looks like you had a good, fun time at doggie camp. (Sometimes my Florida Associate Miss Charlee goes to doggie camp and has a blast!) Your mom and dad had a great trip too. I don't know about that squirrel, though ...

  4. Those things are beautiful to see, even if you have seen them many times...our pawppy comes from DC...and even MJF got to see those things:)...EONS ago! BOL!

    Our pawrents were just there in September Not much sight seeing was done that trip, though...


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