Monday, June 14, 2021

Sunday Selfies Late Again!

 Woof!  My life hab been furry bizzy, and my mommy finks hers has been, too.  I started skool (I fink I already told you), and den I went to Doggie Camp!  In fact I went to two ones.  Dis me at de second one--


And Playin'

And Chillin'!

And one day we went to see de Ocean!  It's furry close to our house, and I been smellin' it, but I dint know what it was.  It's BIG!  And makes a ROAR, but not a scary kind.  I dint put my paws in it, we just walked by it and looked--

Looky dere!   

De sand is de same color as me!

Maybe next time I see about getting my toeseys wet.  Mommy doesn't do dat, she says it's c-c-cold.  But daddy will let me try!

Dis picfur fur de mommies from my mommy.  She took it up where de wine doggies live--

Dat me and daddy, but mommy really took it fur de flowers!

I stayed at de Doggie Camp fur four sleeps, while mommy and daddy went away somewhere.  But dey came back, and now we're all back home and napping, BOL!!


  1. Look at you dancing, waving, and standing on top of things like a boss. You are the best

  2. HOLY COW PATTIES! You've been super duper buzy Toffee! Butts the good kind! You knows, I've never put my tooties in the Pacific eithers, and Ma does say it's cold, butts I don't likes to gets my furs wet anyhu, so it's okays with me! BOL!!
    Ruby ♥

  3. Toffee ~ what a lucky little girl you are, always on an adventure!

    1. I am lucky!'m not a gurl, I'm a boy. Dat's okay, it's de ears dat frow people off, BOL!!

  4. How cool that you went to 'school' and to those doggy camp places.Then you got to travel, too. Oh, we are wishing our agendas were full like that, BOL!

  5. You sure have a busy life for a pup! Glad you're having so much fun!

  6. It looks like you've been having a fun time. How nice that you are enjoying yourself at camp so mom and dad can go on their own adventure.

  7. Hi Toffee ! We came over from Juney's Zoolatry blog !

    1. Woof, Catladymac! It's nice to meet you! Fanks fur bisit my blog!

  8. So cute.


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