Sunday, June 27, 2021

De Graduate

 I finished Puppy Skool!  I had to take a Final Exam, but I studied furry hard.

Dis me do Sit

Dis me do Down

Dis me take off like a bullet when Daddy says Come!

Dis my Diploma and Good Boy Toy!

Dis me in my Smarty Pants Hat!

Dere will be anofur class, but I don't know if I will go.  Daddy says We'll See.  He says I hab somefing else coming up dis week, but he won't tell me what--?


  1. Good Toffee. Paws up! Well done!

  2. June has made a "special picture for Master Toffee" and would like to email it to him. Our email is zoolatry at gmail dot com. If he would paw a note to us June (the kitty) will send it to him. Thank you!

  3. WoooooHoooooo!!!!! OMD, that is FABulous work there Toffee!!!! You knows, I gots kicked out of puppy skool for being too noisy and disruptive....🤣😂🤣
    Ruby ♥

    1. Ut-oh, Ruby! 😲 But lookit you now! You grew up to be a furry nice doggy wifout even needing skool!

  4. Congrats on graduating, Toffee. We both went to school but we never got to wear a smarty pants hat.

    1. Dat's okay, it dint stay on furry well anywag! 😄

  5. Congratulations Toffee! You're a genius! And so cute too!


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